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Rules for Coordinated Webmeasure® (Gallup Vevmátingar) in the Faroes

Coordinated Webmeasure is foremost a collaboration of many websites were the theme is to measure how many individuals use the participating websites. This means that the User (the reader of the website) is always in the centre regarding rules and evaluation. Therefore he (the user) has to be able to “see and feel” what website he is using each and every time. This is the so-called “look and feel” concept which the rules depend on in one way or another.

I. Goal

The goal of Coordinated Webmeasure is to publish reliable and comparable information on Internet usages to demonstrate the importance of the Internet as a medium and to guide advertisers, website managers and least but not last the Internet market as such.

The goal will be attained by publishing accurate and reliable information on:

1.number of weekly users.

2.number of sessions per week.

3.number of page impressions per week.

4.percentage of inland usages.

The list shall be published once a week on Mondays or the next working day. Total figures of each participating website shall be published under one domain (URL). Numbers of websections, that have appeared earlier on the list as an independent Website, but have later merged into another website, must be published separately for each websection (see section V below) of the Website that they have merged into.

The processor of the data and the owner of the software and the database as such is Modernus ehf Reykjavik Island. The exclusive publisher of the service and the inspector for Coordinated Webmeasure® in Føroyar, is Gallup Føroyar.

II. Condition for participation

All Faroese Websites owned or operated by Faroese companies or individuals with a legal residence in Føroyar can participate in the collaboration of Coordinated Webmeasure in Føroyar by making agreement with Gallup Føroyar, undergoing these rules. Following information must be attainable from the frontpage of the websites:

1.Name of the owner, publisher, and the responsible person of the website

2.Address in Føroyar, (physical address) were the service provider has an office regardless of were the Website is hosted.

3.V-tal of the Company.

4.Email and telephone numbers.

5.Information on official registration.

Websites that contain pornographic or obscene content of any kind, political fanaticism and spiritual extremist are not qualified. Lay judge is Gallup Føroyar.

III. Rules

1.The webmeasure itself is obtained through a special unified JavaScript code provided for each website by the technical operator, Modernus ehf, Reykjvik Iceland ( The measurecode must be inserted by the participating Website itself according to the rules of the operator. See Appendix 1.

2.Generally only those web documents (pages of a website) can be measured where it is necessary for the user to click on a link or perform other action to gain access.

3.Only Websites that have been created legally and are generally and publicly accessible, free or not free, with or without login and a password can participate.

4.Target pages that receive users automatically, e.g. after autoforward, meta-refresh or automatic redirect from other websites are not to be measured.

Each page (web document) may only be counted as a part of one website (see IV), and it may only contain the measurecode that has the marking and the SID number for and with the name of it’s website (domain) in the code. Each website has one SID number.

Websites that also publish figures on different websections must publish figures of the frontpage of the whole web separately. This means they must use the Websection Measurement on the frontpage as well as on the websections.

IV. Definition of a Website and a websection.

Following condition have to be fulfilled so that a website or a websection can be measured under one SID number (same measurecode) and therefore publish one total number of weekly users under one domain on the list of Coordinated Webmeasure in Føroyar:

1.All websections of one website have to appear under one major domain (second level domain) on the Internet. A website that has taken over other websites on the list may redirect the users from the domain that was incorporated to the major second level domain for a period of one month after the merging of the websites. The domain is an important part of the look and feel concept and therefore it is important that only the major domain (second level domain) will be used by all users of the website.

2.The website has to be owned or managed by one company, person or an organ, or in a formal collaboration of many were there is one responsible person.

3.Pages and sections that belong to the same website have to contain decisive graphic characteristics that enable the Users to know without a question the name of the website is using each and every time. All websections including the frontpage of the website has to be easily accessible from every page through a common logo or style (graphic).

4.Decisive graphic characteristics are:

At least one mutual logo or brand is to been seen on the frontpage of the website and on the frontpage of every websection of the website. Minimum size: 70x26 pixels.At least a part of mutual navigation system of the website has to be visual to the User on each page, and at least 50% of the mutual navigation must be used on the frontpage of each websection including mutual graphic e.g. logo, brand, color, pictures etc.

Judge in this matter is Gallup Føroyar. Websites that fail to meet the rules may be excluded from the list until they fulfill the rules again.

Modernus Ltd. & Gallup Føroyar